The Prayer Ministry Portfolio has in place 11 intentional prayer gatherings
each week, which have the purpose to saturate in prayer different areas that
the church is functioning in:

Monday Morning Prayer Walk

Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting

Friday Intercessor’s meeting

Sunday Morning Prayer (before Sunday service)

Sunday Prayer (after the service)

Community Prayer Team meeting (6 days a week)

Alongside these initiatives is the Prayer Chain that is now under way via E-Mail,

and is working very powerfully to reach out into the church family with prayer requests that come in.

One of the ministries to highlight is our prayer walk on Monday mornings.

This is proving to be a very powerful time of praying for our neighborhood while

we walk the streets intentionally with the aim of meeting new faces, hearing the

sounds that make up our town, and praying for the families and children that live

within the homes that we walk past. We are often led to pray for marriages, families,

businesses and the well-being of our town as we walk along.


We continue to support many overseas missionaries in their work in the field,

including workers with Tranzsend, World Vision, Bethel, WEC, Orphanages in Nepal,

Freeset, and different individuals. A dedicated team of 7 people meet together

monthly to discuss our endeavors and seek God on the work at hand.

Cornerstone – Senior’s

Our Seniors group has many great activities to keep us all busy, such as movie nights

(complete with jaffas, popcorn and ice cream) trips away around the Waikato,

including the Kiwi house in Otorohanga, Museums, and  Fishing trips in nearby harbours.

We also have fund raiser events and interesting speakers that come to teach us things

about growing old gracefully, with style.

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry  is a highlight at Te Awamutu Baptist Church. We gather together

and enjoy men’s breakfasts and movie nights, as well our annual clay bird shooting

event that we hold each year. We are having a Retreat this year to better connect

and seek the mind of Christ, and have a powerful speaker coming who will challenge us

to be Real Men in a world of compromise.

Women’s Ministry

Our women’s ministry looks for opportunities for the women to share and connect

on a deeper level than is often possible in other settings. These get-togethers are

carefully planned to also be ideal for non-Church friends to attend and feel comfortable with.

Our Retreat is fast approaching, where we will be challenged to be the Women of God

He desires of us. Along with our sewing classes and fitness classes we are excited to

have extra teaching events where we come and learn more of the heart of God

Children’s Ministry

Our Children’s Ministry Curriculum is based around presenting Christ-centered,

Bible-based teaching that is relevant to practical living and empowers children

to lead and impact in every sphere of life. We also have fun times as we learn to explore

more about what it means to know and enjoy God as our Heavenly Father.


As part of our aim as a church family, we have set in place some very

exciting initiatives that are reaching into the far corners of Te Awamutu

and the surrounding districts. We are also involved in and run events

such as our Day of Blessing where many of the authorities of Te Awamutu

openly accepted prayer by the Christian leaders of our town. we are also involved in

The Light Party, having close to four thousand attend each year, with over 6000 sausages

cooked and handed out for free. Alongside these wonderful initiatives we also work with

the food bank to help the community in their times of desperate need, and with our own

gardening team who surprise everyday people by reaching out and touching lives for Christ

by giving them a helping hand.

Pastoral Care

Here at TABaptist we have our own care plan that intentionally connects us together

and stays in touch with the congregation, by utilising everyone within the church.

The Pastoral Care Team is made up of 8 key leaders, with everyone in the church family

being allocated to one of 8 groups that these leaders are responsible to care for. We also

have a ‘Crisis Care Team’ that is utilised whenever a situation is referred to them that is beyond

the scope of the carers. This includes Councillors, Police, Doctors, and of course the Elders and Pastor.

Small Groups and Home Groups

We continue to be supported by many home-groups and bible study groups either weekly

or fortnightly, alongside the Youth Discipleship Group that meet on a Thursday. We also have

many small groups that meet up during a calendar month; these include Senior’s Coffee Morning;

Crafts; Card Making; and Drop-in-Cuppa; a Baptism Course, and a Youth Leader’s Discipleship Course.

We even have a open door home-group  that revisits and explores the sermon of the week

every week to further the thoughts that we are challenged with from the pulpit on Sunday.