Our Ministries


The Prayer Ministry Portfolio has in place a number of prayer gatherings each week, which have the purpose to saturate in prayer different areas that the church is functioning in:

  • Friday Intercessor’s meeting
  • Sunday Morning Prayer (before Sunday service)
  • Community Prayer Team meeting (6 days a week @ the Church @ 6:30 am)
  • Alongside these initiatives is the Prayer Chain that works via E-Mail, and is working very powerfully to reach out into the church family with prayer requests that come in.


We continue to support many overseas missionaries in their work in the field, including workers with Tranzsend, Bethel, WEC, and our missionary worker in Bolivia. A dedicated team meet together to discuss our endeavors and seek God on the work at hand.


Our Cornerstones group runs a variety of activities for the 'seniors'. This is aimed to keep everyone busy, and full of life. Along with movie nights (complete with jaffas, popcorn and ice cream), we run trips around the Waikato visiting places of interest, and fun-for-all activities where companionship and connections are made. To keep the funding under control we have fund raiser events to help pay our way so everyone can be part of the community. On occasion we also bring in interesting speakers that come to teach us things about growing old gracefully, with style, or inspirational speakers that motivate us to keep up with what life has to offer.

Pastoral Care

Here at Te Awamutu Baptist we have our own Pastoral Care Plan that intentionally connects everyone together within the congregation. The Pastoral Care Team is made up of eight key leaders, with everyone in the church family allocated to one of the eight leaders for their care to be intentional and meaningful. This care plan includes; meals, visits, phone calls, specialist care, and everything in between so that no one is left isolated or ignored.  We also have a ‘Crisis Care Team’ that is utilised whenever a situation is referred to them that is beyond the scope of the carers. This includes Councillors, Police, Doctors, and of course the Elders and our Senior Pastor.

Homegroups & Cell Groups

We continue to be supported by many home-groups and bible study groups either weekly or fortnightly, alongside a host of other groups that meet up to do life together. Our many groups include Crafts; Card Making; a Drop-in-for a Cuppa Group; Bible Study; Parenting; Young Families; Youth; and even one that is an open door home-group that revisits and explores the sermon of the week, every week, to further the thoughts that we are challenged with from the pulpit on Sunday. In addition to all these groups we also run various courses during the year which includes; a preaching course, a baptism course, and a marriage course.

Children’s Ministry

Our Children’s Ministry Curriculum is based around presenting Christ-centered, Bible-based teaching that is relevant to practical living and empowers children to lead and impact in every sphere of life. We also have fun times as we learn to explore more about what it means to know and enjoy God as our Heavenly Father. The Ministry covers all ages, from a supervised Creche age right through to early teens.


At Te Awamutu Baptist we have a dedicated Youth Ministry team that gathers and equips our youth to engage with God in all facets of faith and practice as they journey through life. This dedicated team  are committed to seeing Jesus made No. 1 in the lives of our youth, right through to young adulthood, preparing them to face an ever-changing world of confusion and opinions that are often contrary to the will of God.


As part of our aim as a church family, we have set in place some very exciting initiatives that are reaching into the far corners of Te Awamutu and the surrounding districts. We are involved in, and run events such as our Day of Blessing where many of the authorities of Te Awamutu openly accept prayer by the Christian leaders of our town. We run our own Clothing Swap event almost on a monthly basis; everything is free. We have intentional prayer walks through our township for the many businesses that make up our place to cover them and smother them in God's blessing. We have also created 'High School Connections' which includes supplying ‘Noodles’ to those without lunch. Alongside these wonderful initiatives we also work with the community in reaching people for Christ by having the doors of our church open during the week for our street-friends to come in and be part of us. And it's thriving. During the week we feed and befriend all sorts of people who have made our kitchen a welcome part of their lives.

Worship Ministry

We also have a dynamic worship ministry that leads our Sunday Services into the heart of God where we encounter Him through praise, prayer, prophecy, words of encouragement, scripture reading, and of course our weekly sermon slot. Through this engagement we equip the body of Christ to be all they are called to be in the marketplace of life.

Families and Events

Here at Te Awamutu Baptist we have fun. Our Families and Events Team host different engagements that create 'community fun' among the Body of Christ. We run 'Dad's events, Mum's events, Date Nights, Movie Nights, Various Courses, and much more, all in the name of bringing families together to do life. We run a weekly 'little sparrows' group for toddlers, and also a Indoor Bowls event every week for those keen to keep their hand in. And its not limited to just families either! We do things for everyone, no matter who you are, or what situation you're in.